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Metal Art for Home

פיסול במתכת בהתאמה אישית

About Metal Art for Home

My name is Michael and I am involved in sculpture in a variety of materials.
I set up this website in 2021 to present and offer beautiful and original metal designs suitable for home and office, indoor and outdoor.
Metal has always attracted me and I enjoy designing and producing iron designs. Metal design has a presence and "power" - can not be ignored.
The production process includes designing and drawing the model, selecting the appropriate metal, cutting the model and polishing.
I usually use galvanized metal that prevents rust, in cases where a model with a rust finish is required, I use black iron.
Each model is painted in two coats of paint and is suitable for hanging indoors and outdoors (rain / water resistant).
I offer a large variety of designs and also make a custom order for a specific model that the customer wants.
The models are produced from a small size (about 15 cm) to large works few meters long (hanging in an office lobby or on a built fence ...).
The prices on the site are very attractive compared to other sites, so the customer enjoys a beautiful and impressive designs, customization and at a fair price.
Each model is offered in a variety of colors and sizes, a customer can also request other sizes and colors that suit him.
The site is dynamic, I add more designs and update the items frequently, it is recommended to register as subscribers and receive updates.
The site was built to provide metal designs to private clients, architects and offices.